Primaverde: clean and safe way to work

Permafix, PrimaCover, Curtain Wall and FugenMeister

Work cleanly and safely with Primaverde

Repair costs lead to arguments and delays. Primaverde BV has products for clean and safe working such as non-woven coverings, protective film, temporary shielding systems and clever joint tools.

Primaverde is active in various industries such as construction and renovation, the painting sector, removals and industry. We supply our products through ironmongery and hardware wholesalers, professional building centres and paint outlets.

Primaverde brands

Primaverde brands stand out for their reliability and innovation. Names you’ll certainly have heard of include: Permafix covering materials, Permafix tapes, Floorguard covering materials, PrimaCover covering film, Curtain-Wall dust barriers and FugenMeister indispensable joint tools. These products and systems prove their worth day after day.

clean safe way to work primaverde
Curtain-Wall stofdeur

Curtain-Wall dust door

The Curtain-Wall fabric door is specially designed to prevent the spread of dust and dirt through doorways. Curtain-Door Kit (part … Lees verder…