Primaverde: work clean, safe and dust-free

Non woven covering, protective film, dustdoors, joint tools and tape for construction and renovation

Construction and renovation companies avoid repair costs with Primaverde’s range of products!

Construction and renovation companies better avoid repair costs. Damage to floors, stairs and windows not only lead to discussions about compensation, but also to delays in the construction process. Primaverde BV has an extensive range of reliable products for working clean and safe. Such as non woven coverings, protective films, dust walls and adhesive mats. But also tapes and indispensable joint tools.

Reliable premium brands

Primaverde’s reliable premium brands stand out in innovation and efficiency. Our covering materials, dust barrier systems and tools prove themselves in practice every day. For example, in the professional construction and renovation world, but also beyond.

PrimaCover, Ram Board, Curtain-Wall and more brands:

Technical and commercial support

Primaverde’s customers are mainly specialized wholesalers in construction, renovation and maintenance, such as hardware wholesalers, professional hardware stores and paint outlets.

For Primaverde, sales is not a success until our buyers and their customers are satisfied. That is why we employ people with work experience in construction, renovation and maintenance. In addition to a cleverly designed, high-quality range, we offer our customers technical and commercial support. For example, in terms of assortment selection, practical advice on special projects and an accessible internal sales department.

Supplied by the professional wholesaler

PrimaCover Evapo on wooden flooring and other sensitive surfaces

Our products provide safety

The importance of protecting surfaces and the environment while working becomes only clear when that pot of paint is dropped. Or when a jug of oil is tipped over. Every day our products are used on construction sites and ships, in homes and hospitals, in monuments and museums. Our products offer security. What can we do for you? Get in touch!

Primaverde is active in these sectors

Primaverde’s sales consultants are on the road every day for technical and commercial support. They know all about protecting surfaces (such as floors, stairs and windows) and dust-free working. Primaverde is active in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Renovation
  • Finishing
  • Remodelling
  • Painting
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY)
  • Technical maintenance
  • Events
  • Maritime
  • etc.

Our brand or your own private label?

Primaverde can also produce many products, like our covering materials, based on special customer requirements with and without customization. How about your own brand (private label), where the material is delivered entirely according to your specifications and with your own printing?

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In memoriam: Edwin van Iersel

Primaverde Edwin van Iersel overleden

Completely unexpectedly and to our great sorrow, Edwin van Iersel, co-owner and board member of Primaverde BV, has passed away. Edwin’s passing is hard to fathom. Far too young and…

Curtain-Wall dust door

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