Curtain-Wall dust barrier

Curtain-Wall is a perfect answer to dust regulations

Curtain-Wall is the ideal room divider which protects against dust. While construction proceeds on one side, normal work can continue on the other.

The appearance is attractive. This is important in places where any disturbance is undesirable and where building work should preferably take place out of sight. Examples are offices, hospitals, shops, schools, banks, hotels and housing projects.

Curtain-Wall is quick to install

Curtain-Wall is the best alternative to temporary shielding walls made of battens and agricultural plastic. Not only can Curtain-Wall be re-used, but it can be set up by one person in just a few moments. It will even reach up to a 4-metre ceiling. It is ideal, for example, for high interior spaces such as in public buildings, entries, workshops and historic buildings.

The Curtain-Wall dust barrier system offers many possibilities. Several basic kits, accessories and extensions are available.

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