PrimaCover covering materials

PrimaCover offers the most extensive range of covering materials and dust doors.

PrimaCover is the innovative brand in non-woven fleeces, covering films and dust doors. PrimaCover products protect floors, stairs and windows during construction, renovation and maintenance. Characteristic of PrimaCover are:

  • Quality proven in practice
  • Excellent sales support for resellers
  • Excellent technical support for end users


Before a PrimaCover product comes on the market, we pay careful attention to its development. This is done in close consultation with workers in the industry. After all, they know better than anyone for which potential risks they are looking for a reliable solution. PrimaCover and end users have a common goal: saving time and preventing repair costs.

Non-woven fleeces and covering films

PrimaCover Non-woven fleeces and covering films protect floors, stairs and windows. They are characterized by sublime processing and exceptional protective properties for countless surfaces.

There are many types of PrimaCover cover materials available, also specials. For example, PrimaCover Active or PrimaCover Evapo for sensitive and new surfaces. Or PrimaCover Robust for covering and protecting prefab concrete during the entire construction process.

Dust doors

Make a dust door yourself with two PrimaCover products: PrimaCover Zipper and PrimaCover Zipper Door A. Both products are aimed at long-term reliability and ease of use.

PrimaCover Zipper is a set of two self-adhesive zippers that you can easily apply to any type of foil. This way you can turn any fabric wall into a passage in no time.

PrimaCover Zipper Door A is a dust door that consists of a sturdy transparent foil with pre-mounted zipper. Apply this with a suitable tape. The passage opens barrier-free for optimum accessibility.


You don’t just get satisfied end users. It starts with careful product development. The starting point is: practicality in practice. Primaverde offers extensive support to resellers. Check our Support page if you want to know more about our technical and commercial support.

More information

PrimaCover is available at hardware stores, professional hardware stores and painters’ dealers. You can find more information about PrimaCover products on the PrimaCover website. Feel free to contact Primaverde if you want to know more about PrimaCover. We are happy to answer your questions.